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Prohibited Articles

The following items are unacceptable for carriage by Saachi Logistic.

Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition.
CAll Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA.
C.O.D. (Cash on delivery) shipments.
Corpses cremated or disinterred remains.
Foodstuffs/Perishables (Food and beverages requiring refrigeration or other environmental control).
Gambling Devices: Lottery tickets and gambling devices prohibited by national, provincial, state or local law.

Live animals and plants (Note: Cut flowers are acceptable to Canada).
Money (Coins, Cash currency, Paper money and Negotiable Instruments.
Pornographic material.
Radio-active Material.
Dry Ice (including that used for packaging).
Any shipment which would be likely to cause damage, or delay to equipment, personnel or other shipments.
Any shipment which may require the carrier to obtain a license for its transportation.
Any item whose carriage is prohibited by any law, statute or regulations of the country of origin or destination, or of any country through which the shipment may transit.