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Packaging Guidelines

Step By Step Procedure

Use a corrugated box or a rigid carton of adequate strength.
Check the weight specification of the box / carton.
Do not over-stuff it and do not exceed the weight specification.
Provide internal protection with adequate cushioning material.
Use strong tape designed for shipping. Tape should be at least 2" wide, but preferably 3" wide.
Use proper labeling that clearly shows Origin and Destination address, including phone numbers and PIN codes.

Some Packaging Suggestions

Floppy Disks/CDs: Packing must be in padded envelopes or in blister-proof packing.
Sample medical vials: Must have adequate protection inside the packing so that the same do not move.
Shredded paper can be used for packing such materials.
Foodstuff samples like, Tea, Rice, Grains, Pulses, etc: Fabric-reinforced envelopes must be used. Plain covers         should not be used.
Books: Must be packed in cartons / wooden cases. If in cartons, two strappings must be done to ensure that the          contents hold together.
Textile goods: Must be first wrapped in polythene or any suitable waterproof material and then covered with strong Hessian / Jute cloth.
Electronic articles: Must be packed in adequate-ply corrugated cartons.

Some Useful Information

Packaging: No consignment can travel up to the destination in sealed condition. It will be opened and checked at various check-points. Therefore packaging must be strong enough to sustain the jolts of journey. Under no circumstances Saachi Logistic will take responsibility for any damage or breakage of any consignment.

Some Useful Tips on Packaging

Ensure that the packing box is suitable in size and strength to hold its contents.
Ensure that the cushioning material is stuffed generously in the box.
Use of strapping is a good way to seal the box as it supports even weaker boxes.
Fragile items should always be packed by a professional packer with proper markings indicating it as FRAGILE.
Ensure that specially designed boxes are used for packing floppies and video-cassettes.
Ensure that while packing sharp items like Knives, Scissors etc. the edges and points of these items
         are fully protected.
Shipments packed in wooden box should have an open able lid, which can be opened and re-locked again and again.
Ensure that no single package weighs more than 30 Kgs.

Packers and Movers

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